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Sometimes NEWplay sound たまには
Hang in There, Mom NEW がんばれお母さん
The Sun NEWplay sound 太陽
Dream NEW
I Love Mom NEW 大すきおかあさん
My Baby Sister's Hand NEW 妹の手
My Family NEW 僕の家族
Is It Lunch Yet? NEW はやく食べたい
So Warm NEWplay sound あったかい
Kurosuke NEW くろすけ
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●How this project started

At a wedding ceremony for the son of his former teacher, one of the publishers of the collection of children’s poems known as Aoimado (The Sky Light) read one of these poems, “Kotatsu,” in his congratulatory address. This poem so impressed some of the guests there that it sparked a new endeavor, SkyLight Project. Launching on March 11, 2012, this group of volunteers have focused their unique talents on introducing these poems and the people of Fukushima to the rest of the world.


●The name and the concept of this project
SkyLight Project

From Aoimado to the world: The whole world shares the sky.
Hello, World! The children of Fukushima would like to tell you something.



Hello, World!
The children of Fukushima would like to tell you something.
●The concept behind this special exhibition
 From Aoimado to the world
 Voices from Fukushima Aoimado

“The whole world shares the sky.” And everyone has something to tell us. These beliefs form the foundation for SkyLight Project—a group of volunteers with a host of talents who work to bring the activities and projects of people to the attention of the rest of society.
The Aoimado “Pocket Garden” Exhibition of poems written by the children of Fukushima is an example of our activities. Through the presentation of these poems, translated into English, accompanied by illustrations from one of our artists from the SkyLight Project, we hope that these works of art will find a greater audience and encourage others to reach out to, communicate and get involved with the people of Fukushima.

 Voices from Fukushima Aoimado

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